Photo shoot!

Studio Session-002

Time for a photo shoot!

Studio Session-003

Show me what you got!

Studio Session-013

Thats my boy! Now for all the pictures I took!

Studio Session-017

Studio Session-021

Studio Session-026

Studio Session-032

Studio Session-039

Studio Session-046

Studio Session-053

Studio Session-054

Studio Session-056

Studio Session-058

Studio Session-059

Studio Session-064

Studio Session-065

Studio Session-066

Studio Session-079

Studio Session-106

Studio Session-110

Studio Session-087

Studio Session-097

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Summer Solo trip


Took a nice ride to the lake with my new bike

IMG_2470Only shitty thing is not having reception up here

IMG_2477I’m pretty sure I stood there for a good 10 minutes trying to send a text!


Now its time to take some pics!


Got too hot so i switched to some more comfortable clothes.

And you know what…I’m hungry

IMG_2492Which means time to prep the grill

IMG_2500its almost ready!

IMG_2505Grill is ready! Lets cook some steak!

IMG_2508Mmm mmmm mmmmmm. Should I just eat one?

IMG_2517Screw it I’m eating both!

IMG_2462Until next time!

Moving in

IMG_2310Now that the RV is up and running its time to move in…

IMG_0620This is the back..behind me is the bathroom

IMG_0624kitchen area

IMG_2313high view! (dont mind the giant shoe)


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Look what I found!


I got me a winnebago!


I had to take pictures of it for you all!

IMG_2264And one for instagram! The only thing that sucked was…it wasn’t running of course!

IMG_2275Good thing I have experience with broken down winnebagos

IMG_2289Pass me that wrench…

IMG_2259And thats how you fix a winnebago! Stay tuned for the drive outta this ditch its in! If you subscribed expect an email from me soon for a lil somethin somethin you’re going to get mailed for subscribing!

Leave me alone I’m reading


Down by the river

IMG_2128Suns out…I’m going fishing!

IMG_2132Wish me luck!

IMG_21615 hours later…Didn’t catch shit! 🙁

IMG_2165Nice day though so I might as well take some pictures. Wait a minute! What is that over there…

IMG_2175Is that who I think it is?????? Let me zoom in…

IMG_2167That son of a bitch!

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A little exploring


Bad time to lose reception if you ask me. I’m lost. I do see a river though…


Well look what I found! Wonder where the rest of him is? Cant find it anywhere. Something tells me I’m not alone out here.


Still no luck finding the top half of that walker. Its getting late though. I’m calling it a day. I WILL get to the bottom of it. Stay tuned and subscribe at the bottom!

Its on! Hi-res Rick!


Finally got the site up!

Get ready for the Hi-res pictures!

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